Blogger not by profession but by passion

Hello everyone….this is me…well, all of u must have thought who is this person with no identity, no name, no image….i know that people love the outer image more than the inner image but being a philosophical or u can say righteous person i will say inner image matters more than the outer image…this is only applicable for me and some people who have seen the outer image and got cheated by the outer image…well let me tell u one little thing about people and life.Though i m not a very experienced person but ya i have some experience…..i was talking about the inner and outer beauty…i read in a co-ed college and like others my life is made up of lots of fake people….today i wont talk much about them but i will talk about my self…..i m an average looking girl…i have haters and lovers…some people don’t talk to me because they think talking to me is useless…i have been through heart breaks,hardships,trust issues and many more…In my blog i will share my daily life and i hope it will be similar to yours…lets see guys…keep reading!


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